Dedicated to Amanda Williams

Sunrise 12/12/02 - Sunset 02/13/22


This is a dedication, page for Amanda Williams, daughter of the owners Tricia and Gladstone Williams. Amanda has been with us in the Daycare from the beginning, she was a loving and caring teacher who loved to play and teach the children she interacted with. Amanda loved to sing "The Ants Go Marching" in the morning for circle time. 


Amanda graduated high school in 2021, from there her journey started and she continued her path in Engineering, and started college May of 2021. She also worked here with the kids in the daycare. In her free time she loved reading & all types of skating/rollerblading. She would also ride out on her skate board.  Her favorite thing was tea and dancing. She was a very passionate person who shows everyone they can be who they want. 
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